Courageous Leadership Course

Courageous Leadership Course

This course was designed for the overworked woman who excels at her work, even though she feels like a fraud. If that's you, then you are certainly not alone.

In this class you'll learn how to trust yourself, stand in your power and effectively communicate while creating more calm and balance in your life.

Does that sound impossible? It's not.  

8 Modules

Welcome to the Courageous Leadership Course

Welcome to the Courageous Leadership Course! 

Watch the Welcome Video so you know how to approach the course and what is to come!

I'm so glad you're here. 

Crash Course in Confidence

We're diving into Confident Leadership in a big way! 

We're going to go deep, looking at all the ways we can be confident leaders, as well as all the pitfalls that can get in the way. 

Courageous Mindset

We can learn all the tools to help us be an effective, decisive, courageous leader. However, those tools won't help us if we are full of fear, anger and overwhelm. This week is all about getting in the right mindset. 

Talking to Yourself & Others

This week we dive into how we talk to ourselves, and how we talk to others. We'll look at preparing for difficult conversations with others as well as how to talk to ourselves when we've made mistakes. 

Communication 101

Now that we know how to prepare for and start a conversation about difficult topics, what do we do in the middle of it? 

This week we learn how to stand in our power & integrity, while also maintaining positive, collaborative relationships. 

Boundaries 101

If you feel like your time is not your own, that you are at the mercy of office politics or that you are misunderstood, this is the week for you!

We often think that setting boundaries will put our jobs at risk, but the reality is that unclear boundaries are frustrating for everyone. If you're looking for work-life balance, you're going to need some clear boundaries. 

Rest & Recovery

We can't work hard without resting. If we do, we are subject to injury: poor sleep, panic attacks, burnout, high blood pressure, etc. And yet it is hard to rest when our work culture is constantly pushing.  This week is all about learning to rest, even in the most demanding of jobs. 

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